Chairman Mr Lee Kim Siang
Vice-Chairman Mr Ching Chiat Kwong
Vice-Chairman Mr Goh Tok Mong
Vice-Chairman Mr Ong Ser Huan
Vice-Chairman Ms Tan Chor Yeong
Hon. Secretary Ms Lee Soon Hong
Asst. Secretary Mr Lee Teik Yhong
Hon. Treasurer Ms Yang Qiu Ping
Asst. Treasurer Ms Cheng Yie Hua
Head Medicine Free Clinic Mr Sim Beng Chiang
Asst. Head Medicine Free Clinic Mr Sim Beng Swee
Head Moral Promotion Ms Tan Chor Yeong
Asst. Head Moral Promotion Ms Goh Soo Hian
Head Welfare Services Mr Tay Kiam Peng
Asst. Welfare Services Mr Kuak Keian Meng
Chinese Correspondent Ms Er Hwee Ju
Asst. Chinese Correspondent Ms Yao Ya Ting
English Correspondent Mr Aloysius Anthony Sebastian
Asst. English Correspondent Mr Lee Teik Tiee
Head Public Relations
Mr Sim Teck Siang
Asst. Head Public Relations
Ms Lew Soh Wah
Committee Members Mr Tan Chu Kee
Committee Members Mr Deon Sim Yi Xing
Committee Members Ms Sim Pei Ling Perlynn
Committee Members Mr Ong Kam Chow
Committee Members Ms Kung Tsui Hua
Committee Members Ms Er Hwee Yong
Committee Members Ms Er Hwee Lee
Committee Members Ms Er Hwee Thia
Committee Members Ms Quek Choon Huang

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As advised by the Ministry of Health (MOH)

As part of our heightened measures against COVID-19, please take note that Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities headquarter office is closed and therefore visitors / public members will not be allowed to enter.

Thank you.

The Management
Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society